Registration with the local community office

Registration with local community office


If you stay in Switzerland for longer than 90 days, you will need to obtain a residence permit.

New residents must register with the municipality, and any landlord or host is required to report that they have someone staying for longer. So, if you do stay longer than 90 days and need a permit, you have to register with the local authorities before the application period expires. You must also still register if you have already been assured a residence permit or a visa.

For citizens of EU/EFTA countries and anyone able to call on the free movement of persons agreement between the European Union and its member states on the one hand and Switzerland on the other hand: persons immigrating to Switzerland must report to the relevant local immigration authority in person and submit an application for a residence permit. Assertions of any such residence permits are no longer issued. Citizens of EU/EFTA member states must have a valid passport or identity card to enter Switzerland.

Please note that you must register with the authorities before your first day at work.

Once you have registered, you automatically become a tax subject in Switzerland. During the process, the authorities will also determine whether you are subject to church tax and tax on dogs.

Church tax

You will be asked what religion you practise. If you follow and practise the Roman Catholic, Christian Catholic or Protestant religion, you are obliged to pay church taxes in Switzerland.

Tax on dogs

Every dog owner is required to pay tax for their dogs. Depending on your place of residence, such tax could be CHF 40 but also cost more than CHF 200 per year.

In general, municipalities are very keen for newcomers to find their feet quickly. This is why, after a while, you are likely to be invited to a reception including drinks such as wine and juice, and finger food, where you will be able to meet other newcomers and learn something about your new home.