Service à la carte

Do you plan to organise your relocation to Switzerland by yourself? Take a moment to find out how you could save a considerable amount of time and hassle with the support of relocation professionals.

Personal conversation: the key to success

We aim to get a full understanding of the needs and requirements of our relocation clients. For this, we reserve time and have a personal conversation with you in order to assess your situation and specific need for support. Subsequently, we determine together with you what services will be right for you. This could be in the form of a set service package, or a number of services you book individually.

Our packages: power support packs delivered by professionals

Maybe, in the course of our conversation, you realise that you’d actually like to hand over organising your relocation to the experts after all. In this case, it’s best to book a service package. We offer a number of carefully compiled packages with which we manage either essential parts or the entire organisation of your relocation. This way we make sure your relocation is smooth and you have the best-possible start in your new environment.

See our packages here. Contact Schweizer Relocation today and speak with one of our experts.

All rates are subject to VAT of 7.7%. 

Renting a temporary accommodation


Renting a temporary space enables you to look for a permanent home while already staying in the area.


  • Assessing your requirements
  • Login to Schweizer Relocation-Guide
  • Providing a selection of up to 3 offers and booking the apartment of your choice
  • Verifying the tenancy agreement and explaining its key aspects to you 
  • Negotiating methods of payment
  • Coordinating the handing over of the apartment and keys 
  • Providing information on registering with the local authorities




This package focuses entirely on finding a new home. The viewings will be your responsibility. In order to increase the chances of a commitment, we take over the direct communication with the real estate providers.


  • Detailed personal kick-off meeting 
  • You have access to ReX, our digital relocation platform that helps to put together a detailed, tailor-made pre-selection of real estate options for you to choose from
  • Login to Schweizer Relocation-Guide
  • Accompany you to the first viewing
  • Arrangement of up to 7 further property viewings 
  • Submitting up to 6 applications for real estate and doing the follow-ups 
  • Explaining the key aspects of your tenancy agreement 


Verification of tenancy agreement


Does the Swiss tenancy law look confusing to you? We are happy to explain the different elements of your tenancy agreement.


  • Providing you with the General Terms and Conditions of your tenancy agreement in English
  • Discussing the key aspects of the tenancy agreement on-site at Schweizer Relocation or via Skype/telephone


Accompanying you when you register with the local authorities


Registering with the local authorities is a crucial component of your arrival in Switzerland


  • Providing information on the required documentation 
  • Meeting you at the local registration office 
  • Accompanying you during the registration process


Accompanying you to the real-estate handover


During the handover of real estate property, you may encounter one or the other obstacle. We will gladly accompany you.


  • Providing information on what happens at a property handover
  • Meeting you on-site at the property 
  • Supervising the handover and ensuring that all relevant items are recorded in the handover certificate.


Accompanying you when you hand the property back


We facilitate a smooth process and ensure that you will only be held liable for any damages that come under Swiss tenancy law.


  • Providing information on what happens when handing a property back
  • Verifying the handover certificate
  • Meeting you on-site at the property 
  • Conducting the handing back of the property taking the handover certificate into account


Additional services

We are also able to put together an à la carte service package that will cater to your individual requirements.