Settling in Switzerland is subject to concluding numerous contracts and insurance policies. We help you in this process wherever necessary. We will also advise you in a competent manner regarding communication, mobility and the school education of your children.


Please ask for our advice on selecting and taking out policies for the following insurances:

  • Property insurance
  • Vehicle insurance (car, motorbike, boat)
  • Content insurance
  • Legal insurance

Please ask our insurance expert to give you advice so you can find a perfect balance between the most comprehensive insurance coverage and reasonable premiums.

Health insurance

In Switzerland, taking out basic health insurance is mandatory. Although a number of international health insurers are recognised in Switzerland, this must be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Our social security expert will explain all the technical differences between the health insurance system in the country of origin and in Switzerland. This includes assessing the individual situation of our clients in terms of their health insurance.

Transport options

Public transport

Switzerland’s public transport network is one of the most extensive and efficient there are. Whether you travel by train, tram, bus or boat, your journey will be short and you will get to your destination safely and reliably.

Individual transport

Switzerland’s road network is also well developed. Distances are manageable, although heavy traffic can occur and may significantly prolong a journey.

Getting around

We advise you in questions of mobility and help you find the shortest and least troublesome way to work. Our services:

  • Transferring your vehicle to Switzerland 
  • Registering your vehicle with the authorities 
  • Answering your questions on using public transport 
  • Advising you on car-sharing options 
  • Overall planning of your mobility in Switzerland


Your new life in Switzerland needs to be connected with the rest of the world: you will need a mobile phone plan, an internet connection, a TV connection and possibly also a landline.
Telecom providers in Switzerland have bundled their services in various packages (mobile phones, internet, TV, landlines). These packages often differ only slightly from each other (availability, contract terms). Choosing the right package can, however, save you a considerable amount of money. Let us connect you with a competent adviser.

Choosing the right school for your children

You will find all relevant information on our services regarding the choice of the right school for your children on the Schooling page.

Contact us to make an appointment for a personal meeting with us.