Schwyz Anmeldung

You are required to report your change of residence in person within 14 days of arriving in Schwyz, either at the residents' registration office in the city of Schwyz or at the local residents' registration office of the municipality in the Canton of Schwyz you have moved to.

Please note the following: 

_ EU citizens must register before their first day at work in Switzerland. 

_ All members of a family are required to register in person at the residents' registration office

Foreign workers are required to bring the following documents with them when they register:

  • Passport / identity card
  • Any forms issued by the Immigration Office (e.g. Form E1 for EU citizens)
  • Deregistration documents from their home country
  • Employment contract
  • Rental agreement
  • Birth certificates
  • Passport photo
  • The following fees apply: Adults CHF 20.--, family or married couple CHF 30.--, and an additional fee for any changes to/renewals of the work/residence permit CHF 86.--