While the educational system is of a high standard throughout Switzerland, new arrivals in our country are nevertheless faced with the difficult decision of what school their child or children should attend.

Deciding factors

The following aspects will play a role when deciding which school is best:

  • Your children’s ages and the language(s) they speak
  • The planned duration of your stay in Switzerland
  • The type of educational system your children will be going/returning to when you leave the country again

In principle, there are two options of educational institutions to choose from for your children:

Public school

Attending public school is a good idea if your children are younger than ten years and you are staying longer than two years.

Private schools: international or bilingual school

Are you planning to stay less than two years? In this case, we tend to recommend international schools: this way, your children won’t have to adapt to different school systems within a short amount of time.

If your children are older than ten years, we also recommend going to a private school: There are very high demands on the pupils’ mastery of the Swiss official languages for entering college, in particular for German and French. Although non-native speakers are given ample support in Switzerland and usually learn the local language quickly, their language skills may still present a problem in terms of meeting school requirements.

There is a wide range of international and bilingual schools to choose from in Switzerland.

We will find the best solution together with you

Benefit from our long-standing experience and our professional advice. We are confident to find the right solution that meets all your requirements: distance from your workplace and residence, desired school, and the needs your children have.