Handover of the apartment

Client testimonials

We go the extra mile for our clients – whether they are looking for their dream home, need to obtain a work permit quickly and reliably, or want to find the right school for their children.

Numerous companies from various industries as well as private clients have chosen Schweizer Relocation as their trusted relocation agent. This is what they say about working with us:

"Thank you very much for your support. You were always available and catered to our requests. The objects you selected for us were well researched, and making appointments with you was easy. You also ensured negotiations with the real estate agent went smoothly. You made all our wishes come true – thank you, once again, for all your help"

CCO, car manufacturing company


"Our friends and colleagues kept warning us of the Zurich housing market, saying finding an apartment in Zurich is a very demanding process.

Prior to our relocation we have corresponded with the ‘Schweizer Relocation’ team, exchanged our expectation and were shown various options. We visited Zurich for 4 days for apartment showings, and a month afterwards landed together with our cat in a lovely inner city apartment, which fulfilled all of our needs. At the door we were welcomed by a staff member from ‘Schweizer Relocation’, holding a bag of pasta, sauce, salt and our internet modem. All one needs for a splendid start. Thanks again for making this move easy, smooth and warm."

University Professor and partner


"Well, that’s it from us for now. Many, many thanks again for your help looking for a apartment and for all the detailed information."

Professor, University


"We have been living in our terrace apartment for almost a month and feel very much at home. Thank you so much for all your help. We wish you all the best!!!” 
Engineer, machine manufacturing company
Ines’ feedback was that the information meeting was very pleasant and insightful. Thank you for your valuable assistance, it has been very helpful. We are now waiting for a decision to be made."

HR responsible, public enterprise


"Schweizer Relocation has been very helpful throughout the period and provided excellent service and advice for me to settling in, from searching, applying for and checking in the apartments, to trivial matters such as internet and TV subscription.

The consultants are so nice and patient in offering help and they always managed to provide prompt reply. Since I do not know Swiss-German/German, language barrier is the major issue that I have in Zurich, they are always in good hands to translate or explain the documents in German to me so I can have a better understanding. I am really glad and grateful to have Schweizer Relocation assisting me for the relocation which makes my life here so much easier. Really appreciate for the great help!"

Manager, Financial Services