Handover of the apartment

Client testimonials

We go the extra mile for our clients – whether they are looking for their dream home, need to obtain a work permit quickly and reliably, or want to find the right school for their children.

Numerous companies from various industries as well as private clients have chosen Schweizer Relocation as their trusted relocation agent. This is what they say about working with us:


"The services provided have been very complete, quick and useful at all times. Always very close, friendly and detail oriented. I would recommend it to anyone who came to Zurich for the first time. Thank you for your help and kindness!"


Specialist, Engineering Industry


 "I am extremely happy with the excellent help I received from Schweizer Relocation (SR) in order to find my new apartment: today, I am living in a flat that completely fits my needs.
- the webpage and interface are very practical to interact with the workers of SR, it is very easy to use and efficient to communicate quickly about the new properties in the market.
- the workers of SR were very flexible and took a lot of time to listen to my needs, they answered my questions very precisely, and provided me relevant and personal advice.
- once I got interested by a flat, SR had a crucial help. As a non- Swiss person it would have been difficult for defend my case alone.

Thanks a lot Schweizer Relocation!!"


Professor, University


"Professional, diligent and friendly services. Tanja who helped me was really patient - beyond being very understanding with my many needs and requirements for my apartment search, she guided me through the many administrative and practical steps of moving to Zuerich, and took care of a lot of the details which I would have otherwise struggled with! Moving to Zuerich had been so seamless, easy and stress-free! Thank you Schweizer Relocation! I would certainly recommend you to anyone who will be moving to Switzerland."


Investment Manager, Bank


"I am very satisfied with the performance of the company Schweizer Relocation. With the support of two super nice employees of Schweizer Relocation I was able to find a suitable apartment in Zurich. Schweizer Relocation was always there from the beginning of the search to the handover of the apartment. In addition, you also get the support with the registration and super top tips. I would definitely recommend Schweizer-Relocation."


Specialist, Engineering Industry


"Schweizer Relocation has offered us continuous support and personalized help to navigate the notoriously challenging Zürich real estate market. From a personalized list of objects matching our criteria to the "Wohnungsübergabe", every step proceeded smoothly thanks to Schweizer Relocation. Friendly and efficient service - a must for anybody looking for an apartment or house in Zürich"


Professor, University