Global Mobility

We have a highly skilled expert in our team who deals with all aspects of global mobility. 

Social security & more

Verena Schnyder is our social security expert. She has extensive knowledge and long-standing experience in national and international aspects of social security, which makes her the preferred contact for HR officers, compensation & benefit managers, as well as employees and their family members. Verena consults her clients with regard to questions of governmental, professional and private welfare contributions in both the country of origin and Switzerland.

Example: Health insurance

In Switzerland, taking out basic health insurance is mandatory. Although a number of international health insurers are recognised in Switzerland, this must be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Our social security expert will explain all the technical differences between the health insurance system in the country of origin and in Switzerland. This includes assessing the individual situation of our clients in terms of their health insurance.

Independent advice

Verena Schnyder is entirely independent and not connected to a specific insurance organisation. This way, she is able to suggest a much larger range of options and solutions to her clients. We offer you targeted, customised insurance coverage that is worth the money.