Our Team

At Schweizer Relocation, we have a few things in common: a rich personal experience we gained while spending part of our lives in another country; an above-average commitment to providing useful, top-quality services; and our passion for what we do – for you, every day.


Guillaume is the co-owner of Schweizer Relocation Gmbh since January 1, 2023. He bought the company from founder Astrid Ohlendorf after 20 years providing outstanding relocation services.

He is coming from a well-known family in the relocation business in Switzerland as he is also the co-owner of Welcome Service, one of the largest and very first relocation and immigration firm in Switzerland, active for more than 30 years. Guillaume and the Schweizer Relocation team are dedicated to client satisfaction and to ensure their relocation journey is a smooth and pleasant experience.

Guillaume is also the President of the Swiss Association of Relocation Agents – SARA ( and is an active member of the EuRA conferences.  

Barbara Milne, who grew up in Küsnacht on Lake Zurich, lived in the USA and Japan for several years. She has experienced what it means to move to other countries without help and to settle in and find your feet there. She has been working in the relocation business for 25 years.

Fiona’s positive attitude, her ability to engage with other people, and the experiences she gained while travelling and working abroad make it easy for her to relate to our clients and put herself in their shoes. She is able to advise and support them and speed up their process of finding their feet in a new environment.

Fiona started her professional career in the hotel business. She worked in various areas and functions and gathered extensive experience in dealing with international guests. She graduated from the Lucerne Hospitality School.

Fiona’s favourite places are spread across the whole of Switzerland. She is particularly happy up in the mountains and by the water. In the winter, you’ll therefore often find her skiing, and in the summer, she will likely seek the shores of Lake Zurich – refreshing dips in the water included. Her secret tip: Walk around Lake Zurich in 10 stages. ( - Zürichsee-Rundweg)

For me, providing care and support to our international customers with all the challenges that come with a move to beautiful Switzerland is the top priority.

Priska’s many years of dealing with people of the most diverse backgrounds help her to assess the needs of clients in a very short amount of time and address them in a targeted manner. She is a mother of two and thus also knowledgeable with regard to family and school matters. If you decide to relocate to Central Switzerland, Priska has many insider tips to help you settle in.

Priska’s professional roots are in hotel management and gastronomy. She also has many years of experience in tourism and PR.

One of Priska’s favourite places is Engelberg and its many hiking paths: For example, the scenic route from Ristis to Engelberg. This will take you past the Flühmatt restaurant, famous amongst hungry hikers for its scrumptious “Älplermagronen”. Or walk through the forest via Klostermatte to reach Engelberg Abbey. Of course, Engelberg is also famous for all its winter attractions.

Verena is our team’s specialist in all matters of social security. Our clients and HR officers benefit from her extensive knowledge and her many years of experience in the field. She analyses complex situations, suggest solutions tailored to the needs of every client, and looks into the best-possible options for retirement benefits. Not only is Verena our social security expert, she also passes her knowledge on in technical seminars on a regular basis.

Verena trained initially in the paramedical sector. She then engaged in further training and is now a Swiss certified social security expert.

Verena’s favourite place is the Engadin, and in particular St. Moritz, which has become a second home for her.