Your benefits

The benefits are all yours

Your employees’ satisfaction in their new workplace is a top priority. Schweizer Relocation supports and complements your HR department in successfully and quickly integrating valuable new employees. This way they are able to commit and bring in their full potential right from the start.

So, how do we actually support you? By bringing in all the know-how we have accumulated over 16 years, the experience we gathered serving more than 2500 clients, and by using our valuable and extensive network of real estate providers. 

Your advantages at a glance

  • Your employees and their families will be able to start life in Switzerland in a relaxed way.
  • Your new employees’ productivity will high from the start.
  • The right new home will be found much quicker using new technology
  • We communicate directly and openly and provide our clients with regular updates in our weekly reports
  • By passing on our experience and tips and alerting our clients to cross-cultural events, we make sure that all „new Swiss“ settle in much more easily.
  • We offer a transparent cost structure and predictable fees
  • We have high security standards with regard to handling sensitive data