Intercultural training

Intercultural training

Have you only just moved to Switzerland? Do people seem to be doing things differently from what you know or what you expected? Or will you be moving to Switzerland shortly and you’d like to be prepared in the best possible way?

Prepare yourself for life in Switzerland

We have compiled specific training courses that help new arrivals familiarise themselves with the particularities of life in Switzerland. We’ll show participants how the Swiss interact and communicate, and thus prepare them well for both business and everyday life in Switzerland. Our courses are interactive: bring your own experiences and ask us all the questions you might already have – this will take centre stage in our workshops.

Get a headstart

Attending our workshops will give you a headstart when you begin life in your new environment; you will be dealing with the most diverse situations of everyday life in Switzerland much more successfully. It will give you the peace of mind you need when transitioning both your private and your professional life. Our training will help you adapt more quickly and save you time.

Personal and customised

We can tailor our training courses exactly to your ideas and needs. We also offer 1:1 coaching sessions. Call us or meet us in person to discuss what is best for you.

Training content

Providing know-how of daily life in Switzerland and with the Swiss
Swiss culture and potential misunderstandings
Creating assertion in daily processes
Etiquette, habits and customs
Practical information for daily life
Useful tips for the work environment

Support in a package or as individual services

We have bundled all our services in a variety of smart packages. Or, if you only need assistance for specific aspects, that’s not a problem either – you can simply book individual services via our Service à la carte option.

Call us or meet us in person – we will be happy to explain the range of our services to you. Then we can help you put your very own, customised relocation support package together. Contact our relocation experts today.