Kreisbüro Zürich

If you settle in the Canton of Zurich, you need to register with the immigration office of your municipality. If you start living in the city of Zurich, you will need to do this at the so-called "Kreisbüro", the residents' registration office of the district ("Kreis") you live in. Zurich has a total of 12 districts or "Kreise".

HERE an overview of all Kreisbüros and the opening hours (only German).

You are new to the city of Zurich

Please report your change of residence in person within 14 days of arriving in Zurich at the district office of your residential district: ATTENTION EU citizens: You must register before your first day at work!
Please bring the following documents with you when you register with the local residents' registration office:

  • Passport (for EU/EFTA citizens, a valid identity card is also accepted)

  • Foreign citizens’ identity card (if available)

  • Assertion of a residence permit (if available)

  • Residential property documents or rental agreement

  • Registration fees (these vary, depending on the type of permit issued to you)

  • Health insurance certificate (of all family members)

  • Marriage certificates (if applicable, and birth certificates of children)

  • If available, your own birth certificate

Do you need further information regarding your registration with the residents' registration office in the city of Zurich?  See HERE