Non-life insurance

Important insurances for the private individual - please see separate information about health insurance and state insurances

Public liability insurance for individuals - strongly recommended and mostly requested by rental agencies

Public liability insurance covers claims brought against you for any damage or injury you (or your pets) may cause to other persons. It also covers damage to rented apartments.

Since 1st January 2012, the public liability insurance for individuals also includes damages caused when using your bike.

Content insurance

Content insurance covers losses through burglary and theft and damage to your property by fire, water and other external influences. Please note: When you apply for this type of insurance, make sure to enter the correct value of your all household effects and from time to time re-estimate their value and update your policy; if you do suffer a loss and are underinsured, you may pay dearly for it. The insurer will reduce the payment by the percentage by which you are underinsured.

Example: The contents of your household are insured for CHF 300 000.-, but their actual value is CHF 360 000. - , so there is a 20% difference. What happens if you have a fire and lose everything? The insurer will subtract 20% from the insurance payment, meaning you receive CHF 240 000. - instead of CHF 300 000.-

You can usually combine this insurance with your public liability insurance.

You can compare insurance premiums on the website

Vehicle insurance

You must have third-party insurance for all motorised vehicles. It is your choice whether to take out a less expensive fire and theft insurance or get the full cover with a comprehensive insurance. 

Legal cover for private individuals and motorists

Safeguarding interests in a legal dispute over an insured event.

Third-party liability insurance for motorists

Mandatory third-party liability insurance provides the insured persons with insurance coverage for property damage and personal injury to third parties caused by the insured vehicle.

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