Help around the home

Help around the house

Whatever help and support around the house you are looking for, you will find it. However, the fees for such services tend to be much higher compared to other countries. A cleaning lady will charge between CHF 30 and 35 per hour. This is the most commonly sought-after service, which is why we're giving out some tips on how to find one. There are companies offering to find a cleaner for you - this will save you the trouble of having to sort out your cleaner's social security and accident insurance. Both of them are mandatory and will incur substantial fees if neglected.


How to find the gem you're looking for

Do you need a cleaner or support for your entire household? Finding the right person isn't always easy. These are the points to look out for:

The most important questions are: What do you need to be cleaned in your home and when? And do you need other tasks to be carried out, such as washing your clothes, ironing, shopping, watering plants, or feeding your pet?
If you are looking for a cleaning lady and haven't been able to find one in the classified ads in the newspapers, why not contact the agencies on the internet.


  • Once you have found the right person: Go around every room in your apartment or house and explain in detail what you would like them to do for you and how. Also state in what timeframe you would like them to do it.
  • Cleaning materials: In general, you as the client will need to provide clean cloths and cleaning agents. Only in rare cases will cleaners bring their own special cleaning supplies. 
  • References: Ask for references and contact these people to get a better impression of who you're hiring.
  • Salary: An hourly rate between CHF 30 and 35 is customary. Travel expenses are usually included in this fee. 


Attention: Don't forget to include social security when you set the rate. For example: If you pay a gross salary of CHF 25 per hour, this will include CHF 3 for social security and CHF 1.40 in withholding tax.However, you don't have to bear the full amount; the employer's share according to the OASI (AHV) (6.05%) and withholding tax of CHF 1.25 can be deducted from the salary. Which means the cleaner gets CHF 22.25 net and you pay an hourly rate of CHF 26.70.

Here you may also find a cleaning lady: 

For further information, look up this chapter: "Hiring a cleaner and making sure everything is legal".

By hiring an agency you are released from any social security expenditure. Also you have a permanent service is provided (absence due holidays and illness). Their prices vary depending on how much and when you use their cleaners, and include their own markup: expect fees between CHF 40.00 and CHF 59.00 per hour.

If you opt for an agency to find you a good cleaner, we recommend the following companies. 


Hiring a cleaner and making sure everything is legal

Hiring a cleaner and making sure everything is legal