Sprüngli, world-famous for its pralines and truffles, and this is its head office... In a survey, many Swiss living abroad admitted they miss the soft, delicious, airy (and calorific) ‘Luxemburgerli’, a type of macaroon developed for Sprüngli by a confectioner from Luxembourg many years ago. The café on the first floor is a must for hot chocolate, their breakfast buffet and much more.

  • Bahnhofstrasse 21, 8001 Zurich (head office) and other places in Switzerland



Before Läderach came up with their idea of letting you choose how big you wanted your chocolate bars, who would have thought that oversized chunks of chocolate would taste so good?

Their factory shop including a visit to the production site in the Canton of Glarus comes highly recommended.



Makers of fine confectionery and all conceivable kinds of chocolate, such as the original champagne truffles, Teuscher is a household name for chocolate lovers.


Lindt & Sprüngli factory outlet

Shop the famous chocolate to your heart’s desire and find flavours not sold outside Switzerland. As is usual for factory outlets, you can also buy slightly damaged, discounted products.

  • Pilgerweg 58, 8802 Kilchberg, SHOP