Residential parking permit


Blue Zone (Blaue Zone) permit

You will find that every Kreis (urban district) in Zürich, except for Kreis 1, have parking spaces marked in blue – this is called “Blaue Zone”. Generally, you are allowed to park there for a limited amount of time, unless you live in this area. If you do live in that particular area, it is possible to buy a card called “Anwohnerparkkarte” to put on display, which allows unlimited blue-zone parking in this "Kreis". The card costs CHF 300.- and is valid for one year.

Please note that a “blue zone” parking card can only be issued if the car is registered under your name and address.

Blue zone cards are available either at the registration office or at the “Dienstabteilung Verkehr der Stadt Zürich” (traffic section of the city administration office), or you apply for it by mail:

Follow the link below to find an online application form to order your “Anwohnerparkkarte”.

Application for residential blue-zone parking